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A day in Timisoara

Timișoara is always
on the move

You can start with a stroll through the historic area’s wild parks. In 1862, a quaint English-style park opened to the public. The park is still there, it’s called Regina Maria, it’s the oldest in Timișoara and it’s a perfect starting point for a green foray through the historic part of the city.

From Regina Maria Park, you go through the Children’s park (Parcul Copiilor), then through the Rozelor Park, then through Justiției and then through Central and Alpinet. We promise you a walk of several kilometres, relaxing and cool on hot summer days. Don’t miss the Botanical Park, which can also be visited in the evening thanks to the recently introduced intelligent, dimmable lighting system that protects the park’s wildlife.

Or, perhaps, a bike ride along the Bega River, to the Serbian border, on the longest bike path in Romania (37 km).

And if you like to explore nature, the Bega Urban Meadow is an option. The natural aspect of the area is highlighted by lush meadow vegetation and remarkable biodiversity for a periurban area.

Looking for a unique culinary

You’ve come to the right place. Sophisticated or simple, traditional, or reinterpreted, local cuisine is a must on every visitor’s list.

Hundreds of restaurants,
pubs, terraces, cafés

where you can enjoy traditional and international, vegetarian, and vegan menus. In recent years, Timișoara has developed a network of
restaurants and chefs who put sustainable, local, organic products on your plate. We recommend you try as many as possible.

Romania’s First Brewery

Timișoara is home to the oldest brewery in Romania (opened in 1718). More recently, a dynamic local craft beer sector has been growing while playing with bold and joyful flavours you can enjoy in Timișoara’s beer bars and pubs.

And of course, don’t forget to taste a good coffee: the Iosefin district of Timișoara is the

birthplace of Francesco Illy (1892), the inventor of the espresso coffee


Shopping enthusiast?

We’ve got some suggestions.

Iulius Town has the largest retail area in the west of the country, 105,000 sqm. Here you will find the most famous brands, the most
delicious culinary experiences and countless entertainment possibilities. 450 shops, a new Cinema City concept, the largest health and fitness centre in Romania, themed restaurants and cafes, children’s playgrounds.

Shopping City is located in the southern part of the city, with over 100 shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Timișoara – The Essential Tour

Embark on a walking journey through time and culture as you explore the historical heart of our city.