About us


The Destination Management Organisation Timișoara

The Destination Management Organisation Timișoara is the official organization responsible for promoting the tremendous potential that Timișoara has both within the country and abroad. It was established at the initiative of the Municipality of Timișoara, together with its founding members: HORETIM Employers’ Organization, Guild of Guides Association, and Iulius Town.

Our agenda goes beyond attracting tourists or promoting the city’s culture; it also includes encouraging companies to come and invest in Timișoara, retaining and attracting highly skilled workforce, and showcasing our city as a center of excellence in research and innovation.

We promote Timișoara as an urban tourist destination, an attractive city for investments, an ideal location for diplomatic institutions and organizations, and a cultural destination.

We welcome all those who believe that promoting Timișoara should be a partnership between the administration, the business environment, the academic community, civil society, and the citizens of Timișoara.



Embrace the Spirit of Timișoara!

Ready to make a difference in the world? Whether you’re passionate about local initiatives or eager to explore international volunteering opportunities, The Association for the Promotion of Timișoara welcomes you with open arms! Join our community of dedicated volunteers and student interns, where you’ll find the perfect place to nurture your civic and professional skills.  Be part of something greater and let your compassion shine through meaningful involvement.