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Besieged. Conquered.
Never defeated.

Timișoara has reinvented itself each time stronger, more innovative.

The first city with electric street lighting in continental Europe. The only city with three state theaters each performing in their own language. The first city free of communism in Romania.

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Stephen, King of Hungary, donates the Rety land of Timis to Count Parabuch
The Hungarian King Charles Robert of Anjou establishes his residence in Timișoara, in a castle built for this purpose, on the site of today's Huniade Castle
Conquest of the city by the Ottomans. It becomes the capital of the Pashalik of Timișoara
Conquest of the city by Habsburg imperial troops led by Prince Eugene of Savoy
The first and oldest brewery in current day Romania is built here
Regulating the use of the Bega and Timis rivers. Until 1988, the Bega Canal was the only navigable inland canal in Romania and the first of its kind in south-eastern Europe
The first printed newspaper in present-day Romania
Timișoara becomes a Free Royal City, by a Diploma issued by Emperor Joseph II
The first city with public electric street lighting in continental Europe. Initially 300 were installed, later the number growing to 731
The first horse-drawn tramway in present-day Romania is put into service
Construction begins on the Metropolitan Cathedral. At 90m tall, it was the tallest church in Romania, until 2018
Becomes the only city in Europe with three state theatres in three different languages (Romanian, German, Hungarian) in the same building
16-20.12.1989 The 1989 Anti-Communist Revolution begins; Timișoara proclaims itself the first city free of communism in Romania
The Timișoara Proclamation, the political programme of the December 1989 Anti-Communist Revolution
Timișoara is European Culture Capital


Timișoara is home to more than 300,000 inhabitants, plus a vibrant student community. More than 40,000 young people study in Timișoara’s universities.