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Who We Are

Timișoara has the most diverse ethnic and confessional structure in Romania, with 21 ethnic groups from 18 religious denominations living here in harmony and tolerance.

Diversity and tolerance are the driving force behind Timișoara’s development.

It is the capital of the West Region, Romania’s most developed region after Bucharest, with a GDP per capita of 75% of the European average, according to European Commission data.

On the real estate market, Timișoara has around one billion euros of investments in progress, representing half of the urban real estate investments in the country, except for the capital.

It is an important hub for the automotive industry and, in recent years, for bicycle manufacturers. Around 1.5 million bicycles are produced annually in Timișoara for the domestic and international markets.

Timișoara is home to more than 300,000 inhabitants, plus a vibrant student community. More than 45,000 young people study in Timișoara’s universities.