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Both my first and last name start with A, given that my name is Adina Abruda, and for me, as a guide, the tourism is based on at least three initials: Dedication, Originality and Professionalism.

I really like to dive into the past with the guests of my hometown Timișoara, because in this way I have the opportunity to escape, even for two or three hours, from everyday life in long past ages, which for me kept their romance intact, but also their worries.

I am sociable, I speak German and English fluently and my interaction with both Romanian and foreign tourists is always an opportunity for joy.

Two are the tours I organize for tourists visiting Timișoara.

The first of them is called ”A walk through the historical center of Timișoara”, a foray into the history, architecture, legends and stories of ”little Vienna”.

Because I graduated the German studies and Timișoara is a multicultural city, in which the Germans colonized after 1716, when Prince Eugene of Savoy liberated the city from Ottoman rule, left their mark, along with Hungarians, Jews and Serbs, my second tour is a walk ”In the footsteps of the Germans in Banat: colonizations, evolutions and revolutions”.

Therefore I look forward to seeing you in Timișoara and I assure you that you won’t regret it!