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Alexandra IRIMIA

Timisoara Tour Guide is Alexandra Irimia, also known as “the Girl with the Red Umbrella”. A Political Science graduate, Alexandra has over 12 years experience in tour guiding and genealogy research. She runs walking, tram, boat, and aerial city tours în Timișoara and the Banat area: history, trivia, architecture, tips and tricks, communist heritage and 1989 revolution, all in a nutshell for you to enjoy during your visit. Tailor-made tours are her favourite. Find out more about the girl with the red umbrella and her activity on or on Facebook

City tours: the Classic Tour of Timișoara, the Art Nouveau Tour, the 1989 Anti-Communist Revolution Tour, the Queer Tour of Timișoara, the Jewish Heritage Tour, tours of the historical neighbourhoods of  Timișoara  (Fabric, Elisabetin and Iosefin), and Genealogy tours in the Banat area.