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Local Guides

Florentina POPESCU

I have over 20 years of experience as a tour guide and tour leader both in Romania and abroad. Nonetheless, what I enjoy most is promoting the local heritage of Timisoara and the greater Banat region to both domestic and foreign tourists. I cater to private tours and groups in English, Italian, and Romanian, satisfying the curiosity of all with factual data, legends, and trivia. My tours offer a wholesome picture of the multicultural area and city we live in, from geographical and historical features to urban development, architecture, and famous people who have impacted Timisoara. In addition to classic tours, I also offer tours for children, complete with treasure hunt games upon request, and thematic tours, such as Jewish Timisoara and the Fabric Quartier, tailored to the customer’s wishes. I look forward to showing you my Timisoara!