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My name is Florin Ocolisan, I was born in the city of Hunedoara, a city dominated by the steel industry and history since in the old center of the city Corvinilor castle is located. I moved to Timisoara with the start of my studies at the Polytechnic Timișoara faculty, a moment that also meant for me the discovery of a great passion, which was walking in the mountains. 

Over the years, this passion became a way of life, so starting a career in mountain guiding was a logical step. 

During the training courses as a mountain guide and a tourist guide, I rediscovered Timisoara, a city in which, although I had lived for 20 years, I hardly knew it at all, I did not know its stories, its turmoil, its well-hidden traces of the past through the historical neighborhoods. Today, in addition to trips to the surrounding mountains, I also guide bike tours of the city for those who want to discover it not anyway but on 2 wheels.