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Local Guides


As a certified local guide since 2014 I offer Walking and Bicycle Tours in Timisoara and the region of Banat.Various day trips are available custom made from 3 to 12 hours a day in a range of 300  km from Timisoara using a mini van 5+1 or minibus 8+1.

Borned in Timisoara in 1982 I have traveled as a small child all over the Banat region.

Many times my family had guests  from the Danube Schwabian community and I was joining them on tours through Banat.I like to walk, talk and do sightseeing activities with guests.

I also speak German and spanish.Since my start as a certified  local guide I had more than 300 guests as private or group tours.

I am very happy to welcome you în Timișoara and Banat region of Romania.